With A Holistic Approach!



We take digital x-rays in our office. We follow the ALARA principle which is “as low as is reasonably achievable”. We do NOT take unnecessary radiographs and limit the amount of radiation exposure as much as possible.

We DO NOT use toxic fillings or substances such as mercury fillings, fluoride, metal/gold crowns and bridges. Mercury or amalgam fillings are not and have never been placed in our office. We do not recommend them and follow a strict protocol for safe removal to ensure minimal exposure for our patients and staff. We are opposed to fluoride. We do not use it in our sealants or fillings and it is not in the toothpastes we sell. Dr. Abramczyk DDS, FAGD, MS, AIAOMT restores teeth with biocompatible materials, such as zirconia, and does not recommend crowns or bridges that are made of metal.